Four of Rep. Mosbrucker’s legislative-approved bills gain governor’s signature this week

Four bills prime sponsored by Rep. Gina Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale, were signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday and Tuesday. Two others were signed into law the week before and another bill awaits the governor’s signature.

“It’s been an honor to sponsor these bills, and with the help of legislative staff and the amazing amount of constituent support, get them through the Legislature and to the governor’s desk,” said Mosbrucker.

On Monday, the governor signed House Bill 1486. The measure will save taxpayer money by allowing inspections of factory-built housing and commercial structures built out of state to be performed by inspectors other than the Department of Labor and Industries.

Also signed Monday was House Bill 1919, which increases penalties for animal abuse — and particularly against those who use dogs for blood sport fighting.

On Tuesday, Gov. Inslee signed House Bill 1070 relating to natural gas taxes. The measure synchronizes tax rates, making public utility districts (PUDs) more competitive throughout the marketplace.

“This is a measure that will be particularly helpful to the renewable gas project at Klickitat PUD, because it will ensure the sales of their renewable natural gas receives the same tax treatment, regardless of how it is used,” said Mosbrucker.

Also signed Tuesday was House Bill 1533, which would provide information and helpful resources in the workplace for domestic violence survivors.

“One in three people are the survivors of domestic violence. As I began looking into this issue, I discovered that victims go to work, not just to earn a paycheck, but because it is a safe place against their abuser,” said Mosbrucker. “This legislation would allow a poster to be created by the state’s Employment Security Department that could be displayed in the workplace with information about where victims can go to get help and who they can call.”

The previous week, Gov. Inslee signed two of Mosbrucker’s bills. They include House Bill 1532, which would provide information to domestic violence victims about traumatic brain injury, and House Bill 1713 relating to missing and murdered indigenous people.

All six bills become effective July 28, 2019.

A seventh bill authored by Mosbrucker awaits action by the governor. House Bill 1436 would create a single vehicle license that allows for the operation of a motorcycle as either a motorcycle or a snow bike.

The legislative session ended April 28.

PHOTO: Rep. Gina Mosbrucker and others watch as Gov. Jay Inslee signs House Bill 1919. The measure would increase penalties against animal abuse and particularly against those using dogs for blood sport fighting. This bill is one of seven bills prime-sponsored by Mosbrucker that gained legislative approval and have been sent to the governor.