Holly Harbin – The Relic

In 1887 in the mountain resort of Hot Springs, North Carolina, a young housewife finds a strange artifact among her husband’s belongings. It’s a striking medallion, and fueled by an innocent curiosity, Alice begins to investigate its origins. But as her quest advances, her horror grows.

The relic she uncovered had cut a bloody swath through her husband’s ill-fated ancestral family tree. As the medallion’s evil history intensifies its grip on Alice’s every thought, she begins to question her own tenuous hold on sanity and grows desperate to save those she loves from the lingering malevolence that threatens their future. 

The Relic, from Holly Harbin, follows Alice’s obsession and entanglement in the mysterious history of a tainted bloodline. Packed with historical relevance to the Victorian age, The Relic reveals past horrors through the eyes of an unlikely witness: the relic itself.

Harbin expertly weaves multiple story lines that will keep readers guessing and turning pages until the very end. Will Alice’s desperate attempts to save her family succeed, or will an unfathomable history repeat itself?

Author Holly Harbin is an armchair historian and Appalachia devotee who lives with her family on the outskirts of Atlanta. The Relic is her first novel.

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