Untraceable gun limits clear Washington Legislature

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Following a high-profile federal case the Washington state Legislature has approved new limits — but not a ban — on untraceable firearms.

The proposal would ban outright all guns not detectable by airport metal detectors, and would add limits to obtaining plans for untraceable guns, including plans like the ones for 3D-printed guns that sparked a recent court challenge.

The state House approved an amended version of the bill 56-40 Tuesday.

A federal judge in 2018 blocked a Texas company from posting free plans online that could be used to print functional guns on home 3D printers; the company’s founder said he planned to get around the law ruling by selling the plans instead.

Tuesday’s bill would ban making or possessing guns made only of plastic, including 3D printed guns, and would ban giving manufacturing plans or other assistance to anyone not otherwise allowed to possess a gun in Washington.