Eight Mosbrucker bills en route to governor; Three expected to be signed into law this week

Seven bills prime-sponsored by Rep. Gina Mosbrucker and one bill she co-sponsored have been sent or will soon be heading to Gov. Jay Inslee after passing the state Legislature. Three are scheduled for action by the governor this week.

“It’s an honor to carry these important bills through the Legislature and to the governor’s desk. I’ve had an amazing amount of constituent support and help from legislative staff to carry these through the entire process,” said Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale.

“Many of these bills seek to correct a wrong in our system, from rape kits that have been put away on shelves and forgotten, to abuse against animals, helping our victims of domestic violence, and working to shine a bright light on the issue of missing and murdered indigenous people so that we can reduce this injustice,” she added. “Other legislation in this list will provide consumer protections and help local businesses.”

Gov. Inslee is scheduled to start taking action on Mosbrucker’s bills, Tuesday, April 23, at 3:30 p.m.:

·       House Bill 1532 – Domestic violence traumatic brain injuries – Would work to improve response to traumatic brain injuries suffered by domestic violence survivors.

·       House Bill 1166 – Supporting sexual assault survivors – Would establish a Survivor Bill of Rights, requires law enforcement to undergo specialized trauma-informed training, prohibits destruction of sexual assault (rape) kits, some of which have sat untested for decades, and allocates funding to eliminate the backlog of those kits. Mosbrucker is a co-sponsor of this measure, along with Rep. Tina Orwall, D-Des Moines.

Mosbrucker’s office has also been informed the governor will take action on the following bill, Wednesday, April 24 at 1:30 p.m.:

·       House Bill 1713 – Missing and murdered indigenous persons – Would provide two tribal liaisons within the Washington State Patrol (WSP) to help in the investigations of missing and murdered indigenous persons. The measure also requires the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs to provide WSP with government-to-government training, and WSP is directed to develop a best practices protocol for law enforcement response to missing persons reports on and off reservations.

The following Mosbrucker bills have been sent to the governor and are awaiting action:

·       House Bill 1070 – Natural gas tax treatment – Would synchronize tax rates, making public utility districts (PUDs) more competitive throughout the market, and give PUDs in the renewable energy business, such as Klickitat PUD, more certainty that the sales of their renewable natural gas will receive the same tax treatment, regardless of end use.

·       House Bill 1486 – Delegation of inspection – This is a consumer-protection/pro-business bill that would save taxpayer money by allowing inspections of factory-built housing and commercial structures built out of state to be performed by inspectors other than the Department of Labor and Industries.

·       House Bill 1533 – Domestic violence resources in the workplace – Would help provide information/help resources in the workplace for domestic violence survivors.

·       House Bill 1919 – Animal abuse – Would increase penalties for animal abuse – and particularly against those who use dogs for blood sport fighting.

Another Mosbrucker bill, which passed the House and Senate, is awaiting final concurrence in the House on a Senate amendment. If the House concurs, it would also be sent to the governor’s desk:

·       House Bill 1436 – Snow bikes – Would create a single vehicle license that allows for the operation of a motorcycle as either a motorcycle or a snow bike.

The 2019 regular session is scheduled to conclude after 105 days on April 28.