Surprises in store for candidates in 2020

David Allison, Consumer Behavior Expert and Data Pioneer, has a new poll on what issues and topics are driving American voters ahead of the 2020 election. As David says —

“There will be a LOT of very angry people after the 2020 USA Presidential Election, on one side or the other, regardless of the outcome. All the polling companies agree on the major issues, and at least at first glance, the Valuegraphics database concurs. EXCEPT, we know how people will actually behave, not just what they say they will do. What we found when we dug a little deeper into our 100,000 surveys could drastically change what happens on election day, and could be the most important data we’ve ever detected.”

After watching that video, we had to hear more, so we interviewed Mr. Allison. It was not a book interview, though the book was mentioned, but fascinating nonethesless, and you can hear that interview by clicking on the grey podcast bar below: