Washington Democrats to use results of presidential primary

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington state Democratic Party has announced it will use the state’s 2020 presidential primary to allocate delegates to candidates instead of the precinct caucuses it has used in previous years.

The state party’s central committee voted 121-40 Sunday to start using a hybrid system that uses the state’s vote-by-mail system for a presidential primary to allocate delegates to candidates, and caucuses and conventions to select which delegates will represent the state at the national convention in Milwaukee.

Nearly 13,000 people weighed in on which system they preferred over the past month, with more than 93 percent supporting the hybrid primary system, according to a news release issued by the party.

Last month, Gov. Jay Inslee, who is among a growing group of Democratic presidential contenders, signed a measure moving the presidential primary from May to the second Tuesday in March.