Police try to confirm that teen is missing boy

CINCINNATI (AP) — Police in the Illinois hometown of a boy missing since 2011 say they can’t yet confirm that he is in fact a teenager found wandering in Kentucky.

The Aurora police department says they are assisting an FBI investigation and hope to have something more definitive later Thursday.

Authorities are trying to confirm the identity of a 14-year-old boy who told police in Newport, Kentucky, that he escaped two kidnappers in the Cincinnati area and ran across a bridge. He said his name is Timmothy Pitzen.

In 2011, Timmothy Pitzen’s mother killed herself, leaving a note saying her son was fine but that no one would ever find him. Timmothy was 6 years old.

Aurora police sent two detectives to check out the teenager’s story. Timmothy’s grandmother and an aunt said that police were using DNA testing.