Northwest delegation reacts to Barr’s description of Mueller Report

Representative Greg Walden

“I supported Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel and consistently supported ensuring his two-year investigation was free from any political influence. Special Counsel Mueller deserves the gratitude of all Americans for his public service and for conducting this important investigation with integrity and professionalism. His exhaustive work makes clear that President Trump and his campaign did not collude with the Russians. Period. The special counsel and his team came to this conclusion after a rigorous investigation that followed all leads to get to the facts. Now, those who promoted this conspiratorial theory should accept the facts of Mr. Mueller’s findings.”

Sen Ron Wyden

Barr made it clear before he was nominated that he didn’t think Trump committed obstruction of justice. That’s why Trump made him AG.

The public needs to see what is in Mueller’s report, as well as his investigative materials. Any effort to hide the Special Counsel’s work from the American people will reek of a cover up.

If Mueller did present arguments and evidence for why the President of the United States obstructed justice, they need to be made public. Now.

Sen. Jeff Merkley

AG Barr’s summary is grossly insufficient. Congress and the public need to see the FULL #MuellerReport IMMEDIATELY.

Barr was handpicked because he said the president couldn’t be charged with obstruction and, guess what? He decided no obstruction! Shocker!

Just a reminder: the standard to be worthy of serving as President of the United States isn’t “the evidence wasn’t sufficient to prove criminal behavior beyond a reasonable doubt.”