Justice sought for four Dutch journalists killed in El Salvador

Calls are mounting for a former Salvadoran army colonel living in the United States to be brought to justice for the 1982 killings of four Dutch journalists.

Parliamentary hearings are planned in the Netherlands. Separately, the attorney general’s office in El Salvador is investigating possible criminal charges against former Col. Mario Reyes Mena.

The developments come amid a growing push for justice on behalf of victims of El Salvador’s 1980-1992 civil war.

Reyes Mena, who lives in the Washington suburbs, is no longer protected by a 1993 amnesty law, declared unconstitutional by the Salvadoran Supreme Court in 2016.

A U.N. truth commission said Reyes Mena ordered an ambush to kill the journalists. But now the legislature in El Salvador is considering a bill to reinstate amnesty.