Couple sues neighbors over snow piled in driveway

BEND, Ore. (AP) — February’s record-breaking snowstorms brought a longstanding dispute between rural Deschutes County neighbors to a head after one couple allegedly blocked their neighbors’ driveway with 20 feet (6 meters) of snow.

The Bulletin reports a lawsuit filed by Mary and David Carper against Dolores and Ronald Wieglenda was filed this week.

The suit says the Carpers own land which includes a narrow strip that the Wieglendas have trespassed upon since the Carpers bought it from Ronald Wieglenda’s mother in 2015.

The lawsuit says the Wieglendas piled the snow onto that strip in February. The suit says the Wieglendas refused to move the pile which kept the Carpers from getting out to the street.

The Carpers want a judgment that will stop the Wieglendas from trespassing, as well as court costs.

Calls to the Carpers weren’t returned. A phone number for the Wieglendas was out of service.