No breakthrough in May’s Brexit talks

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman says there has been no breakthrough in talks on winning Parliament’s support for the government’s EU divorce deal — and there is just a day to shift opinion before Britain will have to seek a long delay to Brexit.

Spokesman James Slack says talks are continuing between the government and the Democratic Unionist Party, whose support is crucial.

May hopes to bring her twice-rejected Brexit deal back to Parliament this week for a third vote. But Slack says the government will only do that if there is “a realistic prospect of success.”

May will have to make that judgment by the end of Tuesday. Wednesday is the last day a vote can be held before May heads to an EU summit where she will ask the bloc to delay Brexit.

If the deal has been approved, May will ask for a short “technical extension.” If it is not, she will seek a much longer delay.