VIDEO: Senator Murray releases memo lifting voices opposed to President Trump’s rule undermining Family Planning Program, condemns Administration’s eepeated Attacks on women’s Health

In a new Senate floor speech, Senator Murray blasted President Trump’s recent move that would block providers at Title X-funded health centers from discussing patients’ full reproductive health care options and shut Planned Parenthood out of the program

Senator Murray: “Four million people—disproportionately young people, low-income women, and women of color—go to Title X-funded centers, including Planned Parenthood centers, for birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings, STD tests and more each year—and this rule puts care they depend on in jeopardy”

Additionally, Senator Murray released a new oversight memo detailing opposition to the Trump Administration’s Title X rule from patients, experts, and stakeholders across the country

Senator Murray: “I challenge Republicans to read the memo I’m releasing. Listen to the women and men this rule hurts and the people working to help them get the care they need. And then, join Democrats in standing up against this dangerous, unethical step backward.”

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