As Brexit looms, UK ‘preppers’ stock up and hunker down

LONDON (AP) — For almost as long as Britain and the European Union have been wrangling over Brexit, Melvin Burton has been preparing for a bumpy landing.

He reels off the cornucopia of cans filling his shed and the cupboard under his stairs: “Tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes, corned beef, tuna, honey, baked beans, tins of ham.” Cat food, too, “because I don’t want them to go hungry.”

Burton is one of a growing number of “Brexit preppers” stockpiling in anticipation of disruption if Britain leaves the EU next month without a deal.

Britain imports almost a third of its food from the EU, and the government says that a “no-deal” Brexit could bring severe disruption to freight across the English Channel and “reduced availability and choice of products,” especially fresh fruit and vegetables.