Sam Woolsey – The Condor of Chavín

Back in 1979, the then 30-year-old Sam Woolsey was a bit of an international traveler. He’d work summers for his family’s Woolsey Tire store and in the winter hop a plane for somewhere. That year it was Peru and he went hiking in some of the steepest part of the Andes. He came to a village high in the mountains and was able to catch a bus.

But this was no ordinary trip. Perched on rickety roads over steep dropoffs and plagued with landslides while trying to make it to a distant airport to catch his flight home.

Sam originally wrote this 40 years ago, and we’re glad to see it go public this year. It’s a tale well told with more than a little of Sam’s dry humor.

Sam will be autographing the book on Saturday, April 27 during Cherry Festival weekend at Klindt’s Booksellers in The Dalles. Mark your calendars now.

To hear our interview with Sam, click on the podcast bar below: