Chris Tuff – The Millennial Whisperer

What does it really take to successfully harness the talent of Millennials in the office? Millennials, the world’s largest generation, will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. A new book,The Millennial Whisperer (Morgan James, 182 pages, $24.95, Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1642792799, February 12, 2019), by 38-year-old ad executive Chris Tuff, provides practical strategies that are real-world tested and research-based. He shows companies how to improve culture and morale while increasing profitability.

Tuff knows what it takes to succeed in the workplace and manage Millennials. He became the youngest to make partner at the century-old advertising agency, 22squared.

Tuff’s book bridges gaps in communication between Millennials and the rest of the workforce. The Millennial Whisperer teaches managers, HR, and leaders how to:

  • Motivate and incentivize young workers.
  • Know why your Millennial team members tune their bosses out.
  • Support the entrepreneurial spirit of Millennials and show approval for their “side-hustle.”
  • Build a corporate culture in which Millennials can thrive.
  • Identify, train, and empower leaders to get the most out of Millennials at their companies.
  • Show Millennials they’re not the next Mark Zuckerberg without having them lose commitment.
  • Establish effective rewards system (at lower costs than existing ones).
  • Design career track options that motivate Millennials and keep top performers from leaving.

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