Gun fires at party, wounding woman and child in her arms

SEATTLE (AP) — A 21-year-old is under arrest after an accidental shooting in rural Washington state wounded a woman and a toddler.

Detectives say people at a party Saturday night in Thurston County were passing around a gun and it fired. KOMO-TV reports a bullet hit a woman’s pelvis and went through the leg of the one-year-old baby she was carrying.

They were hospitalized in stable condition.

The sheriff’s office says a partygoer had a concealed-carry permit for the weapon, which was holstered to his waist. He removed the holstered gun so that he could take off his pants to show-off a tattoo when another man removed the gun.

Deputies say he was trying to show off the gun when it went it off.

Detectives say marijuana, alcohol and ecstasy were involved.