Goldendale Events Committee considers new distribution formula for tourism dollars

At the February 4 meeting of the City of Goldendale Events Committee and the City Council meeting that immediately followed it, representatives of Goldendale Motorsports Association and the Brighter Goldendale Christmas Committee expressed their displeasure at choices made at the previous Events Committee meeting in allocating tourism promotion funds raised from the hotel/motel room tax. The fund had $52,000 to be distributed and requests totaling $101,145. Organizations primarily objected to a decision to give all requested advertising and promotional funds to the Goldendale Chamber of Commerce on the theory that by buying in bulk, the Chamber can get “more bang for the buck.”

That pushback has generated a second proposed distribution schedule which will be discussed at the Event Committee meeting 6 pm Tuesday, Feb 19 at City Hall. The committee will make a recommendation to the City Council at the meeting that immediately follows.