Eyman under investigation in theft of $70 chair from store

LACEY, Wash. (AP) — Anti-tax initiative promoter Tim Eyman is under investigation for the theft of a $70 office chair from an Office Depot store in Lacey.

The Seattle Times reports that Lacey police officers were called to the store Wednesday afternoon after employees noticed a chair in the entryway was missing.

Police say an employee checked surveillance video and saw a man wearing a red shirt with the words “Let the voter decide” on it wheel the chair out of the store. Then the police report says Eyman went back in and exchanged a printer and bought new ones.

Police say the store manager identified Eyman through his phone number, payment method and name in stories loyalty system.

Eyman told the newspaper that he was expecting a call from an officer to explain what happened and that he would cooperate.

He could face a misdemeanor theft charge.