Spain budget vote hinges on Catalan support

MADRID (AP) — Spain’s prime minister has acknowledged that it’s doubtful his government will be able to gain enough support to keep alive its attempt to pass a national budget.

The minority Socialist-led government needs the backing of several parties, including Catalonia’s separatists, to steer its spending bill through an initial vote Wednesday. The separatists, and right-wing parties, have said they will vote against the budget.

Sanchez tweeted that “the right-wing and the separatists will vote against a budget that helps social causes. They both want the same thing: a Catalonia that is divided and a Spain that is divided.”

If the bill survives, it would then enter a second phase of debate and amendments to specific areas of spending.

The opening of the parliamentary budget debate coincides with the start of a politically-charged trial at Spain’s Supreme Court, where 12 Catalan separatist leaders face charges for their role in a 2017 secession attempt.