Dead mining firm worker’s widow sobs at cemetery

BRUMADINHO, Brazil (AP) — At a cemetery in the small Brazilian city of Brumadinho, 15 freshly dug graves await the remains of some of those killed when a nearby iron ore mining dam breached and killed at least 65 people.

Wailing in grief at the cemetery was the wife of Edgar Carvalho Santos, one of the mining company’s workers whose body has been found.

She sobbed that “he did not deserve this, he did not deserve it!”

Friends and family members prevented reporters from approaching the woman.

One woman told Santos’ wife that “this was not a tragedy, it’s a crime.”

Authorities on Tuesday arrested five people in their investigation of the dam’s collapse last Friday.

Three work for the mining company, Vale SA. Two work for the German TUEV Sued company that had performed inspections of the dam.