Tacoma apartment building makes affordable units available

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — An apartment building near the University of Washington-Tacoma is offering half its units at affordable rates to students facing housing hardships.

The News Tribune reports the Tacoma Housing Authority, Koz Development and the university announced Tuesday that 52 of the 104 studio units at the Koz on Market building will be offered to low-income students.

Koz CEO Cathy Reines says rent for the units dedicated for the College Housing Assistance Program will range from $392 to $784, depending on students’ income. Rent will include utilities, internet and furnishings.

The market rate for units range from $800 to $950 per month.

The so-called micro-unit apartments are about 250 square feet (23 square meters) with high ceilings and furnished with a bed, table and chairs.

The apartment building opened Jan. 4.