He’s a ‘tech addict’ who works in the tech industry

BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) — We like to say we’re addicted to our phones or an app or some new show on a streaming video service. But for some people, tech gets in the way of daily functioning and self-care.

They play games, go online and access social media obsessively – to the point that they’re skipping school, flunking out and can’t find jobs. Some are even suicidal.

Suburban Seattle, a major tech center, has become a hub for help for so-called “tech addicts,” with residential rehab, psychologists who specialize treatment and 12-step meetings.

There, these tech addicts disconnect for a while. They make promises to eat and sleep well and exercise daily. They also vow to avoid the tech that’s causing them problems – just as a drug addict or alcoholic would do.