Puppy digs up 13,000-year-old discovery in backyard

LANGLEY, Wash. (AP) — An 8-month-old puppy digging a hole in a backyard in Washington state has made a 13,000-year-old discovery.

Kirk Lacewell says he thought it was unusual that his yellow Labrador retriever Scout carried around what appeared to be a piece of wood or rock for a couple of days.

So the Whidbey Island man sent photographs of it to experts at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle.

KOMO reports that paleontologists concluded it was the tooth of a woolly mammoth, an extinct elephant relative that roamed thousands of years ago.

The museum’s marketing director Andrea Godinez says she can’t remember a time when a dog helped uncover a fossil.

The fossilized tooth now sits on the mantle where Scout can no longer get it.