Astoria clears homeless camps on city forestland

ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) — After delays Astoria work crews have cleared several camps located in city forestland where some people without shelter had lived for years.

The Daily Astorian reports crews on Friday moved nearly two dumpsters filled with trash, mattresses, bicycles, and other belongings from the camps.

The city had delayed action on the camps, identified in August, after police posted cleanup notices at nearly a dozen.

Police Chief Geoff Spalding said he wanted to give people more time to connect with social services and figure out other living arrangements now that the city’s amended “no camping” ordinance includes city forestland.

Clatsop Community Action deputy director Viviana Matthews and City Councilor Cindy Price were there Friday to talk with the few remaining campers and see if they needed help contacting social services.

Officials said some people weren’t yet ready and some had moved deeper into the woods.