Senator Murray Calls on newly-installed Acting Attorney General to recuse himself from Mueller investigation

(Washington, D.C.)  – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) released the following statement after President Trump forced out U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself from overseeing the Russia investigation.

“It’s extremely concerning that hours after the polls closed and voters removed Republicans from full control of government, President Trump ousted the U.S. Attorney General and installed one of his loyalists, who has publicly criticized the Mueller probe, to oversee the investigation. The Department of Justice should never work to protect the president or advance his political interests, so I urge the newly-installed Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, to recuse himself from the investigation and for the Administration to make it clear to the American public that this investigation will not be compromised or undercut in any way. I strongly urge Senate Majority Leader McConnell to immediately schedule a vote on bipartisan legislation to shield this investigation from further political pressure. It is critically important to ensure the special counsel is able to follow the facts of the ongoing investigation wherever those facts may lead.”