Washington city ends gun sales by police after AP probe

SEATTLE (AP) — The city council in Spokane, Washington, has passed an ordinance prohibiting police from selling confiscated firearms, citing an Associated Press investigation that found some guns sold by law enforcement were used in new crimes.

Councilwoman Candace Mumm said disposing of long guns and assault rifles is “a sensible approach.” The Spokane police are already required to destroy handguns under an ordinance passed in 1993.

She cited an AP investigation that found law enforcement agencies in Washington sold more than 6,000 guns since 2010 and at least a dozen were used in new crimes.

The Spokane City Council is the second political entity to order a ban on gun sales by law enforcement, citing the AP’s investigation.

The Metropolitan King County Council passed an ordinance on Oct. 2 that prohibits the sheriff’s office from selling forfeited firearms.