Abrams says Kemp blames others for security flaw

ATLANTA (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor Stacey Abrams is responding to a last-minute curveball in Georgia’s elections.

An attorney for election-security advocates suing Secretary of State Brian Kemp notified the FBI and Kemp’s office on Saturday that a private citizen alerted him to what could be a major flaw in the database used to check in voters at the polls. Independent computer scientists have since told The Associated Press that it enables anyone with access to an individual voter’s personal information to alter that voter’s record in the system.

Kemp is not only running Georgia’s elections, he’s also the Republican candidate for governor, and in response to reports of the flaw, he’s accusing Democrats of trying to hack the system.

Abrams appeared on ABCNEWS Monday morning, and said she believes Kemp “cooked up the charge.”

She says Kemp has once again “left the personal information of six million voters vulnerable. This has happened twice before.”

Abrams says: “This is another failure of his leadership, and he recognizes that if he got caught two days before the election having exposed so many Georgians he would lose, so he did what he always does always, blame someone else for his mistakes.”