Proposal would halt Spokane police from auctioning rifles

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A new proposal would require Spokane police to destroy rifles and shotguns that have been seized or abandoned rather than selling them to firearms dealers.

The Spokesman-Review reports the new ordinance would require police to destroy all types of guns that are obtained through investigations or forfeited for any other reason. It exempts antique firearms or guns police obtained before 1993. It also exempts guns that are unusual, or have been illegally modified so officers can use them for training.

The city already has prohibited the department from selling handguns. All other firearms are sold to licensed dealers through a Post Falls auction company.

Spokane police spokeswoman Teresa Fuller says the department has sold 311 rifles and destroyed 1,245 handguns or illegal firearms since 2011.

The Spokane City Council is scheduled to vote on the ordinance Monday.