Complaints made over misleading political mailers

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington’s Public Disclosure Commission has received several complaints about misleading mailers sent to voters in four competitive legislative districts across the state.

The mailers, which were also sent to voters deciding a Thurston County Commission race, suggest the Democrats in those races are too conservative and urge voters to write-in a “real progressive” candidate instead.

Conservative activist Glen Morgan is behind the mailers but insists he is not violating any campaign finance laws, the Northwest News Network reports .

The Washington State Labor Council, whose logo — along with the logos of other unions and liberal groups — were used without permission on the mailers, filed a complaint with the PDC Monday. They say Morgan engaged in a “dirty tricks campaign” that amounted to mislead voters in “casting ‘throwaway’ votes to the benefit of the GOP.”

The PDC has up to three months to dismiss or resolve a complaint, or to open a formal investigation.