Oregon dog survives getting lost, shot in forest

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An 8-year-old husky is recovering after being lost for two weeks in the Mount Hood wilderness, getting shot and possibly chewing off its own injured leg.

KATU-TV reports Hatcher was found Monday suffering from severe injuries.

Hatcher disappeared Sept. 29 when Shae Kosmalski took him and 14 other sled dogs on a trip to Frog Lake from southern Oregon.

Hatcher somehow got away from the pack, prompting an intensive search.

Kosmalski eventually returned home but a volunteer found the dog Monday about five miles from where Hatcher was lost.

The dog was taken to VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital where a vet said it seemed Hatcher had been shot in the leg and that Hatcher likely had chewed off what was remaining of it.

Hatcher is expected to fully recover.