Career opportunities in Sherman County October 29

Join us to learn about potential career opportunities!
Wasco School Events Center, 903 Barnett St, Wasco Oregon

October 29th at 6:30

Community Counseling Solutions (CCS) < > is looking to place a 14 bed Youth Diversion Center in Wasco Oregon. This will be a place for children usually between the ages of 13 and 17 in need of a safe place to be while arrangements for a suitable placement are secured. Their stay may be as little as 3 days, but no more than 30 days.

As part of determining the best possible rural location for their Youth Diversion Center, CCS would like to better understand the available talent in the mid-Columbia area who are interested and qualified to work at their soon to-be-built facility. The facility will be built within a year once the final location is determined.

A variety of caring and professional staff are needed to make a difference in the life of a child in need. Here is a list of positions that would be available.

Administrative and Support
• Facilities Administrator
• Administrative Assistant
• Residential Associate
• Cook
• Accounting Clerk
• Maintenance
• Billing, Referral and Contracts Coordinator
• Program Director

Medical and Mental Health
• Qualified Mental Health Associate (QMHA) Program Manager
• QMHA Case Manager
• QMHA Social Service Supervisor and Assistants
• Therapist
• Peer Support Specialist
• Nurse Supervisor
• Clinical Supervisor
• Mentor
• Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
• Support Specialist I,II,III
• Mental Health Specialist III
• Social Worker
• Registered Nurse

If you need further training to qualify for some positions WorkSource can help with additional training for those interested in positions. Please send letters of interest  Be sure to enter your job skills into the iMatchSkills database located  Join us to discuss the project and potential career opportunities at the Wasco School Events Center.