VIDEO: As Senate Democrats urge colleagues to support legislation to overturn President Trump’s new junk health insurance rule, Senator Murray highlights Republicans’ continued efforts to undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions


Senator Murray outlines how President Trump’s rule that went into effect last week gives insurance companies more power to sell junk insurance plans and ignore protections for people with pre-existing conditions


Democrats have led the charge against President Trump’s efforts to undermine health care by trying to gut protections, refusing to defend the protections in court, and expanding junk plans


Republican gimmick claiming to protect coverage of pre-existing conditions would still allow insurers to discriminate based on age and sex


Senator Murray: “Where are my Republican colleagues, who have claimed to care so much about this issue, but have done so little to fight for it? …If Republicans are serious about standing for people with pre-existing conditions, then they will join us to pass this bill and actually fight for them”


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