Draft report lists possible actions to save endangered orcas

SEATTLE (AP) — A task force is weighing dozens of potential recommendations to save critically endangered orcas as it prepares a final report to the governor.

The group is seeking public comment through Oct. 7 on a draft report that lists more than four dozen possible fixes.

The fish-eating orcas have struggled with pollution, boat noise and a dearth of their preferred prey, chinook salmon. The death of a young orca this month means there are only 74 in the population.

Potential ideas include removing dams that block fish passage, boosting production of hatchery fish, restoring habitat, lowering boat speeds near the whales, cleaning up pollution and supporting legislation to make it easier to kill sea lions that eat salmon.

Members of the task force will finalize recommendations in coming weeks.

A final report to Gov. Jay Inslee by Nov. 16.