Portland woman suing police for injuries after they use flash-bang grenade

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A Portland woman is planning to sue the city after she was injured when police used “flash-bang” grenades and other crowd-control devices against people protesting a rally by extreme-right demonstrators last month.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports lawyer J. Ashlee Albies says in a letter to city officials Wednesday that 53-year-old Michelle Fawcett received third-degree chemical burns on her arms and chest during an “unprovoked attack on her by members of the Portland Police Bureau.”

Fawcett and her lawyer say they believe she was hit by a flash-bang grenade, which delivers a jarring blast of noise and light intended to disperse crowds.

Sophia June, a spokeswoman for Mayor Ted Wheeler, says the mayor’s office cannot comment on pending litigation.

According to the letter, Fawcett might seek economic and punitive damages.