VIDEO: After secret document unveiled highlighting Trump Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh’s views on Roe v. Wade, Senator Murray joins women to emphasize stakes of Supreme Court fight for women’s health and rights

Senator Murray and her Senate Democratic colleagues, along with women & advocates, shared personal stories about the impact ofRoe v. Wade and the stakes of Trump Supreme Court pick Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination


BREAKING: Senator Murray also responds to newly released document showing Judge Kavanaugh questioning whether Roe v. Wadeis considered “settled law” and noting Supreme Court could overturn it – VIDEO LINK


Judge Kavanaugh on women’s reproductive freedom: “I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule its precedent, and three current Justices on the Court would do so.”


Senator Murray: “Women and men across the country are sharing these deeply personal stories because they want to be sure there is no question about what’s at stake here. Women’s rights are at stake. Women’s health is at stake. Women’s economic security is at stake. And women’s lives are at stake”


Senator Murray: “… to be very clear Judge Kavanaugh personally highlighted that precedent can be overturned. And he was literally counting the number of Judges who stand ready to overturn Roe v. Wade. Well, it was three then, it’s four now, and with Judge Kavanaugh on the bench, Roe v. Wade would be overturned”