Kavanaugh opponents raise red flags on civil rights record

WASHINGTON (AP) — The civil rights record of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is coming under increased scrutiny by organizations opposed to his confirmation, but there is little in his voluminous records that shows exactly where he stands on issues like affirmative action.

Kavanaugh was nominated by President Donald Trump to replace the retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and the Senate is scheduled to begin confirmation hearings Tuesday.

Many civil rights organizations oppose the appeals court judge because they are wary about his opinions on discrimination, affirmative action and voter access.

The White House declined to comment on this story. His former law clerk Luke McCloud says Kavanaugh acknowledges and takes into account the history and current reality of race in the U.S.

EDITOR’S NOTE _ One in a series of stories examining the nomination of federal appeals court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court