Group aims to keep pot retailer off splash pad donor wall

ONTARIO, Oregon (AP) — An Oregon group looks to return a $25,000 donation toward a youth park project because it’s from a recreational marijuana retailer.

The Argus Observer reports Megan Cook, chairwoman of Friends of the Aquatic Center, emailed a letter Friday to Ontario City Manager Adam Brown on behalf of the group seeking to return the donation to Hotbox Farms.

The letter reads: “… because the splash pad is an attraction being built for the children of our community, consensus was reached that it would be inappropriate to brand the project with any businesses that cannot legally serve youth.”

Brown says Cook asked him about returning the donation, telling him that a number of donors “were going to pull out if the name wasn’t changed from Hotbox Farms to Steve Meland,” before being put on a permanent donor wall.

Meland is co-owner of the marijuana retailer.