Report: Lawmaker had pattern of inappropriate behavior

SEATTLE (AP) — An investigative report into Republican Rep. Matt Manweller has found that he engaged “in a pattern of unprofessional and inappropriate behavior” with Central Washington University students and former students.

The Seattle Times reports the 85-page report details interviews with some of Manweller’s past students at the university who felt that Manweller had engaged in unwelcome attention, unwanted touching and grooming behavior.

The university fired Manweller last week when the investigation was finished. A political professor there since 2003, Manweller has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the university and the investigator seeking $2 million in damages.

During Manweller’s time there, two prior investigations into allegations against him concluded that there was evidence to suggest he had violated the school’s sexual-harassment policy.

Manweller has been in the Legislature since 2012 and is running for re-election in November. He claims the investigation was politically motivated.