Senator Murray: Release Kavanaugh Documents, Don’t Let Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Hide Full Extent of His Opposition to Women’s Health and Rights

In letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley, Senator Murray raises concerns with rushed confirmation timeline and refusal to provide public access to Judge Kavanaugh’s records 

Currently available documents—vetted by a private, partisan attorney—represent only 2 percent of Judge Kavanaugh’s available White House records 

Documents currently available show Judge Kavanaugh was a key voice on women’s health issues in Bush White House 

Senator Murray slams process that “fails to allow the Senate sufficient information or time to analyze whether Judge Kavanaugh’s views and judicial philosophy are those we want represented on the Supreme Court for generations to come.” 

Senator Murray has previously outlined her objections to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination and his views on women’s rights and made clear her concern that his confirmation would empower five men on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade – VIDEO

(Washington, D.C.)  – Yesterday, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), top Democrat on the Senate health committee and the highest-ranking woman in the United States Senate, sent a letter to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, expressing her concern about Judge Kavanaugh’s views on women’s health and reproductive rights, the Chairman’s refusal to release all available documents to allow Senators and the public a full understanding of Judge Kavanaugh’s views, and the Chairman’s plans to start confirmation hearings on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination before Senators and the public have been able to adequately review his record.

The letter comes as Chairman Grassley plans to begin confirmation hearings on Judge Kavanaugh on September 4th, despite just two percent of Kavanaugh’s available White House documents having been made public. Senator Murray emphasized the importance of letting Senators and the public review the full record to clearly understand Kavanaugh’s views on women’s health and reproductive rights—especially as documents provided so far indicate he was a key voice on these issues in the Bush White House. Since his nomination, Senator Murray has raised her concerns about Judge Kavanaugh’s views on women’s health and reproductive rights and President Trump’s promise to nominate Supreme Court candidates who would overturn Roe v. Wade. In a floor speech last month she outlined Judge Kavanaugh’s alarming record on these issues and made the stakes of his nomination clear.

“I write today regarding Judge Kavanaugh’s troubling views on women’s reproductive rights, including the constitutional right to safe, legal abortion, and the importance of making sure all Senators are given the opportunity and sufficient time to review all the documents relevant to his views on these incredibly important topics. I’m deeply concerned by your plans to hold hearings starting on September 4 on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to be Associate Justice for the Supreme Court of the United States. Failing to release all available documents on Judge Kavanaugh will deny the Senate the ability to fully and adequately review his record. Women and men across the country know how important women’s reproductive rights are for them and their families. They absolutely want us to have a clear understanding of Judge Kavanaugh’s views as we consider him for a lifetime appointment, where he will make decisions that will impact the lives of people across the country for generations to come,” wrote Senator Murray.

PDF of letter available HERE.