Afghan aid group offers to help Ghazni’s wounded

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan aid group is offering to help with the wounded in the eastern city of Ghazni where critical battles are underway between government forces and the Taliban and where the local hospitals have been overwhelmed with casualties.

At least 120 Afghan forces and civilians have been killed, along with dozens more insurgents, and there are fears many more have been wounded. Help cannot reach them because the fighting has paralyzed the city.

Nilab Mobarez, the secretary general of the Afghan Red Crescent Society, said on Tuesday that her organization is ready to go into Ghazni and help those who are hurt.

She says the Red Crescent is an impartial organization and can assist people on either side of the conflict. She says about 500 health kits have been sent to Ghazni’s hospitals, along with 200 caskets for those killed in battle.

Mobarez spoke in Kabul.