Clues but no answers in one of Syria war’s biggest mysteries

DOUMA, Syria (AP) — The fate of Syrian activist Razan Zaitouneh is one of the longest-running mysteries of the Mideast country’s civil war, now in its eight year.

There’s been no sign of life, no proof of death since gunmen abducted her and three of her colleagues from her offices in the rebel-held town of Douma in 2013.

Now Douma is in government hands, most of those who knew Zaitouneh are scattered and there is no one to search — but clues have emerged that may bring answers.

Zaitouneh had earned enemies on all sides of her homeland’s civil war.

She was bold, outspoken and defiantly secular. Perhaps most dangerously, she was impartial. She chanted in protests against President Bashar Assad, but was also unflinching in documenting abuses by rebels fighting to oust him.