Indonesia survivor says many buried in mosque

LADING-LADING, Indonesia (AP) — A man who narrowly escaped from the Jabal Nur mosque that collapsed during an earthquake in Lombok on Sunday evening says there were about 100 people praying inside when the earthquake struck and though many got out, dozens were buried in the rubble.

A distraught Muhamad Juanda said Tuesday that “people were praying in two rows; there are about 50 people in each row so a total of 100 people praying inside the mosque.”

Separately, the local village head, Budhiawan, said about 30 people were trapped based on unclaimed belongings outside the mosque.

Juanda said: “I stayed (inside) during the first shock but the shock grew stronger and we rolled around trying to run out and I was already outside … when the mosque collapsed.”

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency hasn’t said how many people it believes were buried in the mosque but spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nguroho said he hopes “a lot” will be rescued. A dramatic video showed one man being pulled out alive Monday by soldiers.

The disaster agency says the overall death toll has risen to 105 and will continue to increase.