Bookkeeper didn’t know about offshore accounts

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Paul Manafort never told his bookkeeper about the foreign bank accounts he used to pay for millions in luxury items and other personal expenses.

That’s according to the former Trump campaign chairman’s bookkeeper who is testifying in his financial fraud trial.

Heather Washkuhn of the accounting firm NKFSB says that Manafort approved “every penny” of the personal bills she paid for him but he kept her in the dark about any offshore bank accounts.

Other witnesses have testified Manafort paid them millions from the offshore accounts tied to foreign shell companies for landscaping, expensive clothing and even a Karaoke machine.

But when prosecutor Greg Andres read off some of the companies, Washkuhn said Manafort never told her about them.

She says she would have documented them for tax purposes if he had.