Statement from Wasco County Sheriff on Substation fire investigation

As stated previously the Wasco County Sheriff’s Office, the Bureau of Land
Management Investigators, US Forest Service Law Enforcement, Oregon State Police,
and the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office are conducting an investigation into the
cause of the Substation Fire. We investigate all fires as suspicious. This is a tedious
process and takes time.

Since the start of this fire there have been a lot of rumors on social media, and word
of mouth about the cause of the fire. Investigators need all credible information to
be reported to them. If anyone was traveling on Highway 197 between milepost 1
and milepost 3 on July 17, 2018 at or about 3:30pm and saw anything suspicious, ie.
someone parked on the side of the road or someone throwing something out the
window of a car. Any information about vehicles in the area or what was seen
directly before or after the fire, this information is important to investigators. If
anyone has dash cameras or cameras on residences/business in the area please call

The Oregon State Police has set up a tip line for persons to report this information to
Law Enforcement. The number is 1-800-452-7888.