Once a Trump critic, Roby seeking redemption in Ala. runoff

ABBEVILLE, Ala. (AP) — Alabama congresswoman Martha Roby is seeking Republican redemption in a runoff election that hinges on her loyalty to President Donald Trump.

Roby is facing Democrat-turned-Trump Republican Bobby Bright in Tuesday’s GOP runoff.

From the outside, the race shouldn’t be close.

Roby is a four-term incumbent in deep-red Alabama. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have endorsed her. And her Republican opponent supported Nancy Pelosi when he served as a Democrat in Congress.

But as is often the case in the Trump era, the conventional rules of politics do not apply.

Roby’s political survival now depends on whether Alabama voters are sufficiently convinced she’s made amends for turning her back on then-candidate Trump after the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.