Video: As Republicans’ health care sabotage forces Washingtonians to face higher costs, Senator Murray blasts President Trump for undermining care, abandoning protections for pre-existing conditions

President Trump’s Department of Justice announced it will stop defending pre-existing conditions protections in court


Move jeopardizes protections that prevent insurers from discriminating based on pre-existing conditions, gender, or age


Senator Murray: “[President Trump] has continued to undermine health care for our families at every available opportunity. And Republicans have been in lockstep with him the entire way”


Nearly unprecedented move threatens coverage for millions of families, ignores overwhelming public support for protecting people with pre-existing conditions


Reckless move comes on the heel of spikes in coverage costs announced in WA and across the nation, caused by Republican leaders’ Trumpcare by sabotage – LINK


In her remarks, Senator Murray reminded Republicans that Democrats are at the table ready and still focused on solutions to address the damage done by health care sabotage: “… we’ll be here all August ready to work to fix this for families in Washington state and across the country”