14 boys, no regrets: Michigan family happy the way they are

LAKEVIEW, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan couple with 14 boys say they have no regrets — regardless of what online opinion-givers have to say.

Patriarch Jay Schwandt says the “horrible comments” written by “really mean people” don’t matter, because his family is happy and loved.

Some of those comments focus on whether Schwandt and wife Kateri (kuh-TAIR’-ee) are capable of giving each child enough attention, a criticism their fourth son, Brandon, dismisses.

The 19-year-old hockey standout says growing up with a baker’s dozen of brothers is “just life.”

The Grand Rapids-area clan is about to get even bigger.

Twenty-one-year-old Drew and girlfriend Anelene Mellin are expecting — and it’s a girl.

Mellin, a student at Central Michigan University, says their daughter will be “extremely loved and probably spoiled.” Her due date is Friday.