Pasco officials revoke city’s 22-year personal fireworks ban

PASCO, Wash. (AP) — The Washington state city of Pasco has lifted a 22-year ban on personal fireworks.

The Tri-City Herald reports that the City Council unanimously voted this week to allow fireworks that stay on the ground, while ones that fly in the air remain illegal.

Pasco joins Richland and West Richland in allowing limited fireworks. Bans remain in effect for Franklin County and the cities of Kennewick and Prosser.

Mayor Matt Watkins said the council believes that by lifting the ban, public safety will improve over the Independence Day holiday.

Police Chief Bob Metzger and Watkins both said allowing low-risk fireworks will let police focus on the high risk ones that soar into the air.

The Richland City Council last year declined a fireworks ban. The mayor called fireworks bans unenforceable.