Salvo Lavis and James Munn – Wild, Wild Weasel

Salvo, James, Dave at Launch

Can a pet weasel be trained? When Mom and Pop impose rules on our young boy and his pet Weasel, That’s the question our young Boy asks himself as Mom and Pop grow exasperated by the disruption the Boy’s pet Weasel causes around the house. The Boy decides to tame the creature by taking him to obedience school, where he meets a number of kids with unusual animals, including a young girl with an iguana. His attempts to train the pet give the Boy a greater understanding of his uniquely wild, wild Weasel—plus a chance to make a new friend or two along the way.

The World of the Weasel is a new picture book series about a young boy and his pet weasel who injects excitement into the boy’s quiet life and helps stimulate his imagination. Filled with rich illustrations by Dave Leonard  for younger kids and great vocabulary words for budding readers, World of the Weasel books are ideal for kids 4-10 and the adults who read with them.

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