Lebanese politician says strikes warned Israel

BEIRUT (AP) — A senior Lebanese politician and close ally of Syria and Iran says this week’s retaliation to repeated Israeli airstrikes in Syria was a “very strong warning” to Israel.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri says this time the Syrian retaliation was in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights but next time it will be in Israel proper.

Speaking to the Associated Press in an interview Friday, he said Israel and the U.S. cannot bear the consequences of a wide-scale regional war.

“There are American interests in Syria and if there is a larger war, I don’t think even the American president can bear the consequences,” he said.

Israel attacked dozens of Iranian targets in neighboring Syria this week in response to what it says was an Iranian rocket barrage, in the most serious military confrontation between the two bitter enemies to date.

Berri, a powerful longtime politician allied with Hezbollah, said the Syrian response has achieved a “balance of terror” with Israel.